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triangle shirtQuite a while ago, I made a shirt. It’s an over-sized t-shirt in a cotton knit, and it’s based off of this pattern (with a few adjustments). I patterned the fabric using a freezer paper stencil, which is a great method if you don’t have screen printing capabilities, or if like me, your photo emulsion has gone bad.

back of triangle shirtThe back is my favorite part, because the triangular print is echoed by a dipping neckline. It’s comfy and no-fuss, and it still manages to look dressier than a normal t-shirt.

I have been working steadily on Christmas presents and adjusting to a full-time schedule, which means I have only two days out of the week when I can hope to take pictures for the blog. I’ve been crossing my fingers for sunny weekends. More soon, I promise.

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