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grey merino wool scarfThis year I did the smart thing and started this scarf in September, before it got cold outside. It’s the first thing I’ve knitted, and I didn’t use a pattern– I just knit in 2×2 ribs until I ran out of yarn. It is longer than I am, because I believe length is an important scarf characteristic. I used a merino/nylon blend, so it’s soft and can go in the washer, which is a plus when you cohabitate with a cat that likes to nap on your current knitting project. Also in this picture: my mociun shirt and a giant, red gap cardigan that I thrifted.

I have already started a new knitting project, and depending on how terribly I fail at it, I’ll be knitting a few of the Christmas presents I hand out this year. And eventually, these gloves, except I’ll stop at about an inch from the top of each of my fingers, because having my fingertips covered kind of freaks me out. Is anybody else like this? I mean, you’re really stifling one of your senses every time you wear gloves, if you think about it. There’s something weird about that.

And at some point, I would like to knit a nice thick cardigan, something fancy, with cables. I am hopeful I’ll finish it before winter’s over, but realistic enough to know I probably won’t. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Mel says:

    My knitting capabilities are pretty limited to scarves. I agree that the length is definitely one of the most important characteristics, next to the fact that it is machine washable. I think Toby was a kitty in a past life.

    I can sort of identify with the finger covering thing, but mostly my desire to be able to feel them in the frigid texas temps (Ha!) overrides any discomfort that I feel with full finger gloves.

    I have no idea how to add stitches, pearl two together, I nearly pierces a hole through my hand with a cable needle. I hope your knitting adventures are more successful (and less painful) than mine. For now, I will stick to scarves and crocheting granny squares. 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    i can knit and purl, but i have no idea how to do fancy stuff– and i have about 3 inches of knitting to go before i have to figure it out, so cross your fingers!

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