lazy sunday

roses in a mouse pitcherToday is a perfect spring day. The windows are open, and vases of roses clipped from the bush in my front yard are scattered around the house. Lexi is camped out in front of the window, enjoying the sunshine and hoping for a stray fly to buzz by (she’s a notorious bug killer).

lexiNick is away installing a show in Spain, and I am trying to take advantage of this time away from my usual distraction to get some projects done. I haven’t really done much but lay around listening to records while I wait for my next skype date. Sometimes a girl just needs a day to be lazy.

In other news:

– I made a batch of this to take to a lovely cinco de mayo celebration yesterday.
– Cooked and ate my favorite lunch while the mushroom hater’s out of the house.
This meshes pretty nicely with the sounds of cars driving by.

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