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oat pancakes with compoteNick talks about pancakes on an almost weekly basis, so if I feel like a big breakfast and I’ve got an uneventful weekend morning, I mix up a batch. These are oat pancakes from this book (again), made hearty with the addition of some cooked oatmeal and a touch of molasses. Nick likes his swimming in a small pool of maple syrup, but I like mine with a bit of fruit. I decided to make a quick compote with some summer fruit I had on hand:

1 peach
a few strawberries that had seen better days
a handful of blueberries
a sprinkle of sugar (1-2 tsp)
and a tiny squeeze of lemon juice

I peeled and sliced the peach, hulled and sliced the strawberries, then put it all in a small pot over medium-low heat. I stirred every now and then, waiting until the fruit had begun to break down and release its juices before I turned off the heat. The leftovers will be perfect on yogurt for breakfast tomorrow.

In other news, we just got back from apartment hunting in Texas, and wouldn’t you know it– we found an amazing one. We came across it completely incidentally, which makes me believe Nick really is some kind of good luck charm when it comes to finding homes. Having a real place is making me even more antsy about moving!

Here are some more things of note that aren’t quite worthy of their own post:

– I made a batch of this fancy drink to sip on warm days, and it’s definitely a repeat recipe.
– After what seemed like a thousand years of waiting, this guy finally sprouted a stem and some roots, and is growing like crazy.
– Somehow found my way to this recipe— they’re not much to look at, but they’re crazy tasty.

I’m sure posting will be pretty spotty as I start the daunting process of packing everything I own and moving it a thousand miles, so bear with me, folks.

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