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Lately I’ve been a bit busy with some non-blog-worthy projects, but I should be finished soon and back in the swing of things. Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to:

Because I can’t seem to pass up leeks anytime they’re available at my CSA drop, they tend to accumulate in my fridge before I can decide what to do with them. This is my favorite way to use them up (along with a few carrots). It’s pretty hard to improve a smitten kitchen recipe, but I think adding a poached egg and some bacon just might do it.

My floral-arranging-genius of a mother went all out for my sister’s wedding, and I was lucky enough to take home some of the succulents and billy balls after the arrangements were dismantled. Short a few pots, I stuck some in tin cans that were on their way to the recycling bin. I removed the labels, poked a hole in the bottom for drainage, and painted clear enamel on any part of the can I thought might come in contact with the ground (and by clear enamel, I mean some of this— no need to get fancy). This helps assuage any paranoia I have about leaving rust spots on my porch, but I’d imagine dipping the cans in paint might have a pretty cool aesthetic effect as well.

I managed to snap a pretty good shot of Lexi being casual. She’s pretty camera shy, so most of my cat photography features her sleeping or moving away from the camera. She even manages to distinguish regular phone usage from surreptitious picture-taking, which continues to baffle me.

In other news, we have begun the daunting process of looking for a home to buy. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I can say the odds are pretty good that you’ll see a kitchen or bathroom makeover on the blog at some point. Luckily, I know a pretty good handyman.

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