linen shirt and skirt

checked linenThis checked linen was purchased on a whim and for years has been stuffed, forgotten, in my fabric stash. Last week I had a few days off in a row, so I decided to put together an outfit for a party on the weekend. By some miracle, every element I needed for this shirt– from the pattern, the fabric, down to the notions– was already sitting on my shelf. I love it when that happens.

linen skirt and shirtI used this pattern for the shirt, and made a few small alterations so it would hit just below my waist. If you have a keen eye, you might notice that in spite of careful planning and meticulous stitching, I couldn’t quite manage to match the checked pattern when I sewed the side seams. I’m still pretty pleased with how close I got! The best part of this shirt is the delightfully criss-crossed back:

criss-crossed shirt backI finally wised up and realized that my love of linen is contributing to the amount of ironing I do on a regular basis, so the skirt is made of a linen/rayon blend that isn’t as quick to wrinkle and has an excellent drapability. I followed this pattern exactly.

More soon!

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