spoiled rotten

Nick took a little work trip to an Amish part of Ohio and brought me back some goodies. I think I only just finished singing his praises, and here he is proving me right again.

texas cookie cutterI am super pumped about this cookie cutter! At first I thought this was an odd thing to find in the middle of Ohio, but Nick explained that they had some for every state. Which is hilarious to me, because that means they must have one for Wyoming. And Colorado! If someone handed you a Colorado-shaped cookie, how would you know it was Colorado?!

baked eggAnother present was this tiny cast iron pan, perfect for holding a single egg. I am a fan of tiny things, and I’ve been making a mental list of all the tiny dishes I could prepare in this pan. Mini Tarte Tatin? Mini Cornbread?

grandma's jam house jamLast of all, this jam. It’s perfect jam. I am pretty particular about jams and jellies, by which I mean I am a jam snob. When I eat jam on toast, I like it to taste like the fruit it’s made of, not just cloyingly sweet. And although I’ve never heard of a black raspberry, Grandma got this one right. And so did Nick.

In other news: I have a couple job interviews lined up, which may mean that soon I will go from a girl that sits at home and talks to her cat all day to a girl that only talks to her cat when she gets off work.

Also: I just started my surface design class, so pretty soon I will have some surface designs to show you. Stay tuned.

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