late socksBy some miracle, I finished about a dozen homemade Christmas presents on time this year– except one. It was the first present I started and the last one I finished, but the upside is I had time to snap a picture of it before I shipped it off. These are the socks I practiced for, and it’s a good thing I did, because they turned out much better the second time around. I used this pattern— it’s pretty easy and involves very little counting of stitches, which can be tedious. The yarn was something I landed on after a lot of research and deliberation, because I wanted to get something really high quality that knitted up like a tweed. I settled on this yarn, which was a dream to knit with and made for a crazy-soft finished pair of socks. Included with the socks was this:

thank you noteThe sock recipient was also a gift card giver, and my favorite way to say thank you for a gift card is to draw exactly what I got with it. Drawing out presents makes them seem a lot more tangible than if you just list them, and the care put into drawing really drives home the gratitude. In the end, this package was a month late, but was hopefully worth the wait.

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