one down

hand-knit sockFirst of all, it is not easy to take a picture of your own foot with a 50mm lens on your camera. Second of all, this is the only non-present-related thing I have been working on lately. It’s a practice sock, meant to test my ability to work with impossibly small knitting needles, and in spite of having to backtrack and correct mistakes several times, this knitted up pretty easily. Although I left a few mistakes in (in the interest of finishing it in 2010), I am pretty proud of this sock. It’s the second thing I’ve knitted in my life, and it gets the job done. Sock #2 will have to wait until after Christmas, because I have a lot to make in the meantime.

Other news:

-Sometime soon I will post some tips and tricks for macaron-making, in case anybody is looking for Christmas cookie recipes.

-I found out I have THREE WEEKS of paid vacation time in 2011. Three weeks! Is it sad that most of that time will probably be spent hanging out at home with Nick and my cat?

-I will only have five days in Houston for Christmas this year– how much sushi and Mexican food do you think I can eat in that period of time? Answer: not enough.

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4 Responses to one down

  1. Nick says:

    Tell me more about your 50mm lens, this camera talk is getting pretty hot.

  2. Jessica says:

    I guess we know why you got a degree in photography!

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