happy holidays, folks

christmas macaronsAfter a marathon weekend of baking and candy making, and a long week of little sleep and much Christmas-present-crafting, I am happy to be ready to head home to my favorite people. This is hands down my favorite time of year, because giving people gifts makes me happier than anything. I hope you have a splendid rest of the year, whatever you celebrate!

If you’d like to make some Christmas macarons, follow this recipe, and add:
1 tbsp of matcha for green tea macarons
1/4 tsp of peppermint extract for minty macarons
1 tbsp of cocoa powder and a whole lot of red food coloring for red velvet macarons

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3 Responses to happy holidays, folks

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  2. irem korkmaz says:

    thanks for the recipe.
    Can i use green tea instead of matcha for green macarons?

  3. Jessica says:

    Irem- I have seen recipes that called for green tea leaves instead of matcha, but I have never tried it. I suspect you’lll acheive a much milder green tea flavor, since matcha is a concentrated powder.

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