baskets, part 1

completed basketAs promised, baskets: the next victim in my ongoing quest to learn how to make everything. This is a potato basket, and the instructions came from this book by Lyn Siler. It’s an excellent book with a ton of beautiful basket designs and very clear instruction. The potato basket is a pretty simplistic one, and now I’m itching to try weaving some of the more advanced baskets. I started with this:

basket materialsThis is a bundle of #6 round reed and quarter inch flat reed. Along with a 10″ diameter wooden hoop for the rim and a little tung oil for color, this is all I used for this basket. Reeds smell a lot like hay, which had me constantly reminded of petting zoo smells. It was strangely more appealing than you might think.

basket detailAs a fan of both containers of all kinds and weaving, baskets fit pretty perfectly into the realm of things I like. There will definitely be more to come.

Next up: methods for staving off the winter chill brought on by all this snow! Or if you’re not in a snowy place, just general winter coldness.

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3 Responses to baskets, part 1

  1. Jacob says:

    If you’re learning to make everything you should make me a Pez-shelf for next christmas

  2. Jessica says:

    consider it done, man.

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