spoils of christmas

I know I promised pictures of the presents I made this year, but in my excitement to give them, I totally forgot to photograph them. Since most of them are hundreds of miles away, I’ll show you some of the things my spoiled rotten self got this year:

ceramic flour canisterThis is a super fancy ceramic flour canister my sister gave me, and this photo really doesn’t do it justice. It’s glazed a beautiful, pearlescent turquoise, and was made by Salt Grass Potters. It looks absolutely perfect in my kitchen.

crocheted can coozy close upThis, ladies and gentlemen, is the most delicate, crocheted can coozy you have ever seen. I got half a dozen from my Grandma-in-law, and I have never felt more resplendent drinking a canned beverage.

felted wool slippersThese are felted wool slippers of unbelievable coziness, and they were handmade in Nepal and hand-picked by my aunt. Those tabs on the back of the slippers are meant to aid in the slipper donning process, but I appreciate them more for their ability to make the slippers look like elf shoes.

"neck fat"There really are no words to describe how awesome this is. It is going on my wall, stat.

serger!A serger! I have no idea how to use it, but as soon as I learn, you can be sure I’ll be churning out all kinds of fancy serged garments. Thanks, Mom!

the exquisite book and lexiI have spent a fair bit of time reading every published word Dave Eggers has ever written, and while I think the guy’s pretty swell, his foreword in this book is probably the least interesting thing about it. One hundred different artists play a version of this game, with each work of art connected only by a similar horizon line. It’s pretty fantastic.

These things are just the tip of the iceberg– I got more gifts this year than is even remotely reasonable, and they were all awesome. Many thanks to everybody that showered me with presents!

Coming up soon: basket weaving. Stay tuned.

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