Well folks, do you remember way back in September when I promised you some surface designs? As it turns out, there weren’t really many blog-worthy dyed creations coming out of that class. A lot of what I made was experimental, and just so-so, and it can’t help that the instructor seemed more interested in reading the newspaper and discussing Lindsay Lohan than actually instructing. However, I learned enough about the dyeing process that I can now dye up some things in my own kitchen, without having to listen to celebrity rehab predictions. I’ll show you those just as soon as Christmas has passed (I don’t want to spoil any presents), but in the meantime, you can see a sneak peek underneath the first thing I made in my jewelry class:

snakeOur first assignment in jewelry was to make a slot and tab bracelet. I am not a wearer of bracelets– too many bad experiences having to buy child-sized jewelry for my bird-bone wrists, I suppose. That and my general contrariness led me away from bracelets and towards necklaces, which I actually wear. So, I made a snake. It was cut from a sheet of nickel and sanded, and filed with tiny files. Next class I may put a bit of a patina on it, just for contrast. All in all, it came out pretty good.

lock and tab necklaceYou probably won’t  hear from me until after Christmas, because I’ll be working my fingers to the bone trying to finish up all the gifts I need to make– but I’ll be back soon after to show you what I’ve been working on. Until then, happy winter!

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