scarf close up
I have been taking a weaving class for quite a while now, and it turns out quite a while is how long it takes to make a scarf. Or, more accurately, 27 hours is how long it takes to make a scarf.

woven scarfTo be fair, 6 of those hours were spent winding my warp (vertical threads) and loading the loom, and I’m not counting the time it took to twist the fringe, but the leftover 21 hours were dedicated solely to weaving this thing. All I can remember about the pattern is it’s a type of twill, and I love the way the black and white threads blend to grey as you back away from it. I am considering getting a loom, but since I don’t know where I’ll be six months from now, I’m thinking I should probably wait to add more space-taking equipment to my collection. I’m not even going to get into how big the moving truck was the last time we moved, and we have only acquired more since then. Oh dear.

I’ve got about a thousand projects floating around my head at once, so there will be a lot to see coming up in the amount of time it takes me to complete them. And I didn’t forget about the green screen action, I swear!

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