basket number two

oak basket legsI am lucky to have such a handy husband! I needed some basket legs, so I drafted up a pattern and three days later had these perfectly crafted oak legs in my grasp. He’s a wood-turning master, ladies and gentlemen.

basket materialsAlong with some reeds and some oak handles stained to match, I had all the materials I needed to make a wool-drying basket.

weavingWool-drying baskets are exactly what you think they are: baskets used for drying wool; usually woven in a plain weave and elevated on wooden legs that allow for extra air flow. The pattern I used was a twill weave, and it was both easier to weave and more beautiful than I expected.

yarn-filled basketWhile I don’t need it for drying wool, it’s perfect for holding all the yarn that used to be awkwardly wedged into the shelf where I keep all my craft supplies. It looks so lovely filled with balls of yarn that I’ve put it on display next to my fireplace.

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