making rugelach

spring flowersMy neighbor’s yard is studded with tulip shoots and the shrubbery in my front yard has sprouted a million of these yellow flowers, but if not for these tiny hints, you wouldn’t even know it’s supposed to be spring.

(almost) april snow on the porchTwo days ago, it snowed. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this is some kind of cruel April fool’s prank. Unfortunately, I won’t wake up tomorrow to sun and warmer temperatures.

rolling doughFortunately, I know the cure for unseasonable cold temperatures: baked goods. So, I made some rugelach.

spreading jamI used this recipe, and apart from omitting the raisins and adding a few dashes of nutmeg, I followed it pretty closely. They tasted almost exactly like the rugelach my mom used to bring home from Sam’s when I was younger.

rugelach out of the ovenThey take some time to make, but they are heavenly right out of the oven and quite delicious the next morning with a cup of tea. If you’re still fighting off winter chills, or if you just like baking scrumptious treats, you should whip up a batch.


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