We’ve had a long stretch of grey, rainy days lately; the kind that are best spent drinking multiple cups of tea and knitting while watching netflix. The kind that are no good if you are thinking about trying to get anything done, especially if that thing is taking pictures in your very dim house. Also, Nick finally finished his thesis project (after weeks of constantly working on it), so we finally had time to loaf around. Anyway, I still haven’t got much to show you, aside from a picture I managed to snap when the sun moved out from behind a raincloud for a few seconds yesterday:

easter macaronsI took these to a lovely easter party where I ate my weight in ham and carrot puff. I even got to leave with the ham bone, so I am totally making a batch of black-eyed peas in the near future. Easter success!

I’ve got a stack of sewing projects on my ironing board, and one of them is bound to make its way to the blog sometime soon, so keep checking, folks.

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2 Responses to excuses

  1. Mal says:

    And I reaped all the benefits.

  2. mom says:

    I am craving these macroons. I think I put 5 pounds of macroon excess after the wedding and would gladly add to it if I had these to eat!

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