numero dos

Two weeks ago was our two year anniversary. It’s crazy that it’s only been two years since I got to marry my favorite person ever, because it feels like we’ve been married years and years. The traditional second-anniversary gift is cotton, so I pulled down a yard of blue broadcloth and put this together:

year two- cottonI don’t think it quite topped the paper iphone, but I like how it turned out. The center of the ribbon is attached with velcro, so I can easily swap it out for another phrase. Maybe I’ll make one that says, “Great job!” in case he picks up his socks. Just kidding, dear!

Our anniversary was mostly spent being lazy together, especially since it was Nick’s first day off from working three different jobs and preparing for this show in a long, long time. We also did probably the first touristy thing we’ve done since moving to Ohio, and visited a cave. It was perfectly cheesy, and I bought a couple of loose arrowheads from the gift shop.

arrowheadsI used a little bit of leather cord and a brass chain to turn one into a necklace. I have been wearing it constantly. Of course, it doubles both as an accessory and survival tool, should I ever become lost in the wilderness.

arrowhead necklace

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