baby moccasins

baby moccasinsSome friends of ours just became parents, and to celebrate their new addition, we brought over some banana bread muffins and some newborn-sized moccasins. The pattern’s from the purl bee, and came together really quickly. Nick even referred to them as “heart stoppingly cute”, which probably caps out his quota of sappy descriptors for the next three years or so.

In other non-baby news, we’re probably a few weeks away from knowing how the rest of our lives will play out, and I can hardly bear the anticipation. Since wringing my hands and wishing for time travel isn’t productive, I’ll just be counting down the minutes until we find out. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. adele says:

    i saw this pattern on Purlbee too! I’m glad they turned out so well! Also, I love that your blog incorporates knitting, but isn’t strictly a knitting blog, I guess it’s more like a making blog. It’s amazing, I love it! Also, I want to buy the things you make! Where?! 😀

  2. Jessica says:

    thanks so much! that’s exactly what i tell people when i talk about my blog– it’s a making blog! i’m so flattered you like my creations enough to buy them! i don’t have an etsy shop yet, but hopefully will soon. please check back!

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