bagels and a blast from the past

It is a balmy 70 degrees outside right now, everybody. At the end of June! In the full-blown summertime! If Columbus had Mexican food and decent grocery stores, I might stay here forever.

This cool weather made it easy to crank up the oven and put a pot on to boil, all in the name of bagels. There has been a bit of interest in bagels recently, and since the mister is a sucker for everything bagels, I thought I would whip up a batch.

These were easy to make, but a bit time consuming. I planned to do half everything/half blueberry, but the dough seemed really salty, so I made them all everything at the last minute. Next time I will play around with salt levels and toss in some dried blueberries. They had a decent texture and a pretty good taste– I consider them better than store-bought bagels, but not as good as New York bagels. The mister approved.

In other news, I was looking at pictures of shorts on the internet yesterday, when I ran across these from APC:

I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite articles of clothing from my childhood– my own pair of green gingham shorts. Sometime around the age of eight, I received these hand-me-down shorts from some friend or relative. They were from the Gap, which was a huge deal to me, because I didn’t own any clothes from the mall at that age. They were also pretty short, which my mother was not happy about. By some miracle, they fit me perfectly from the age of eight to the age of thirteen, a five year period in which my mother tried repeatedly to surreptitiously remove them from my wardrobe. I managed to get the best of her for those five years, but somewhere along the line they disappeared, never to be seen again.

RIP, Green Gingham Shorts

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  1. i can completely vouch for these amazingly DELISH bagels.

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