kitchen shelves

Our new place is the first in a while that we haven’t been allowed to paint. I was simultaneously appreciative of our last few laid-back landlords, and happy I wouldn’t have to spend hours working before we could begin to unpack and set up furniture. The walls are painted a warm cream with a white trim, which is a perfectly neutral backdrop for most of our furniture, but when paired with the kitchen’s white cabinets and grey tile floor, the effect is pretty austere.

kitchenIn need of some bright pops of color and a place to put dishes, I dreamed up some kitchen shelves, and Nick helped me make them. We picked up a few brackets from ikea and painted them white. The shelves themselves are made of birch plywood, and I painted the edges a bright yellow and orange. The tops and bottoms got a few coats of tung oil so they’d match the cart on the other side of the room. It was a really easy project and it did the trick!

kitchen selvesIn other news:

– I’ve got a few crafty commissions and a new part-time gig making props for the university’s theater department. I’ve finally gone from a stay-at-home cat photographer to a part time stay-at-home cat photographer. Success!
This was a delicious treat.
– It is breezy and overcast outside, and this is the perfect soundtrack (Side B especially).

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