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paintingI’m spending most of my time these days finishing up my commission so I can really get started on Christmas presents. It’s turning out pretty good, which is much better than I usually feel about things I make. Taking a three year break from painting hasn’t seemed to affect my skills, and it was pretty easy to pick it back up again. I may have to do a little more painting in the future.

Anyway, Christmas-present-making always means a little break from blogging, so don’t expect to hear much from me until the new year. I’m really excited about this year’s presents, so it’ll be hard to hold off posting about them.

In other news:

– Today I’m going to finish up my holiday music playlist— something I’ve had to work on in secret because I’m married to a Christmas music hater. What a humbug.
These are so lovely, and so, so expensive.
– Can’t wait to get started on holiday treats with the help of this.

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