jewelry for christmas

gem earringI made a couple dozen pairs of these fimo gem earrings to give to all of the ladies in my life. You can make them in virtually any color, and they’re very quick and inexpensive to put together. My ears aren’t pierced, but if they were, you can be sure I’d have a pair of these for every outfit. To make a pair, just:

– Knead a little fimo until it’s pliable, and form into a rough ball.
– Use an exacto or craft knife to make clean slices from the very edges of the fimo ball. Continue to rotate and slice until you’ve got a gem shape you like (it may take a little practice to get it just right).
– Bake according to the package directions, and allow to cool.
– Attach to an earring back with a little dab of glue (I used this).

necklacesI used the same method to make some gem-shaped beads for matching necklaces. It’s an excellent last-minute gift idea, because you can have a pair of earrings (or a necklace) made in under an hour.

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