woven table runner

hand woven table runnerMy mom-in-law can be a tough one to make presents for. Although she’d sincerely love anything Nick or I made her simply by virtue of our effort, it can be challenging coming up with useful gift ideas for things she doesn’t already have. When she sent me this book for my birthday and a card that jokingly said, “Now you have to weave me something!”, I started brainstorming.

I remembered how much she admired the pattern and color of the scarf I made my mom last year, but knew I’d have to think of something else to weave– we’re talking about a lady who’s so warm-natured, she can be seen rocking shorts and sandals 360 days a year. So, a table runner it was!

hand woven table runner
Like the scarves I made, this table runner is woven in overshot (using two colors of thread in the weft), but I also moved the selvages in a little so I could create a plain weave border with the cream colored thread. The differences in the sizes of thread and the types of weave resulted in a lot of contrast (both visually and tactilely) between the patterned section and the border. I’m pretty proud of this one.

Now, if only I could find myself a cheap loom so I could get weaving again– anybody within driving distance of Fort Worth looking to get rid of one?

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