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I picked up a new air plant while on vacation last month, and as soon as I got home, it sprouted a dozen tiny purple blossoms. This is the best kind of souvenir.

We have finally started making some improvements to our sad, neglected yard, which means the planters Nick finished ages ago have finally been filled with soil and compost and are ready for planting. I went a little crazy ordering seeds, and got broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, and a few varieties of tomatoes and peppers. I have no idea what I’m doing, but my mom has near-magical levels of gardening abilities, so I’m hoping I passively acquired some of those skills in the same way I inherited hypertension and freckles. So far, my little seedlings are growing nicely in one of these. If everything works out, I’ll keep you updated on the state of my garden (and if not, I’ll never mention it again).

I thought I got a pack of duds when none of my thai pepper seeds sprouted, but after a little googling, it turns out that peppers are notoriously difficult to sprout from seeds. A couple sites suggested soaking the seeds in a weak glass of chamomile tea, so I’m giving that a try before I give up and buy a plant.

I found some wild dewberry brambles near my house, in the same place where honeysuckle grows in late spring and sunflowers sprout in the summer. I don’t think they’ll produce enough berries for jam, but you can bet I’ll be snacking on them as fast as they ripen. I might try to transplant one of the smaller plants to an empty corner of the backyard (I’ll just have to keep the chickens away from it).

Although I love cold weather and feel particularly cheated out of winter this year, I’ll always have a soft spot for spring. My fig tree is sprouting new leaves and the wee little beginnings of figs, my strawberry plants are loaded with blossoms and slow-growing berries, and my whole yard is verdant and lush.

More things:
– Saw this movie recently and it was devastating and beautiful.
– As per usual, finished knitting this tea cosy just in time for warm weather.
– Made this pie on national pie day, but I have no photos because we ate it so fast.

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