Something happened in the interim between my last two posts, and that is that finally, at long last, we have chickens. The chicken plan has been in the works for quite a while, and like most of our home projects, happened piecemeal over a long period of time at a pace not suited to my charging ambitions.

the coop

Nick, in his limited free time, built me a beautiful chicken coop with a solar-powered, light-sensing door. Although it required a little fine-tuning and calibration, it is a life saver for two people that are not good at mornings. After the coop was complete, we ordered some easter egger chicks, and a short while later received a cheeping box full of five floofy baby birds. They’re named Charlotte, Matilda, Margaret, Petunia, and Leslie.

Although we got chickens for egg production, they are definitely pets first and livestock second. This is my first time owning birds, and I was surprised how goofy, sweet, and distinctly individual they are. They love to sit in my lap or on my shoulder, and Charlotte leaps up to perch on my arm every time I hold it up– like a falcon, only slightly less noble. They lay eggs in pastel shades of beige, blue, and green, which constantly reminds me of this easter candy. In short, I am pretty smitten with chickens, and here are the head shots to prove it:










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