pip and the new house

this is pip

This is Pip. He’s a fluffy little ball of terror– attacking everything that moves and some things that don’t. He purrs in an instant, loves to perch on our shoulders, and we like him in spite of our bevy of scratch marks (although we haven’t gotten many since we trimmed his claws, so that one’s on us). We adopted this little menace about a week before we moved houses, which may not usually be the best idea– but he and Lexi seemed to start to tolerate each other just after we moved in, so everything worked out okay. She’s not totally convinced this creature in perpetual-attack-mode is a good idea, but I think she’ll warm up to him when he mellows out and spends more than a second standing still.

lexi at the new house

So far, home ownership has been exciting, expensive, and challenging. It’s hard to prioritize the many home improvements we want to make, especially when we are limited by time and money. We got a nice surprise when we pulled up some laminate “wood” flooring to find paint-covered red oak hardwoods underneath. Score! After they’re refinished, we can finally unpack our things and retire from the nomad lifestyle. I’m counting down the days.

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