year four

It’s been a while, folks.

glasses pouchThe reason for this lengthy hiatus from blogging was a desire to update with a post about Nick’s anniversary present– which, had everything gone as planned, would have been a pair of wooden glasses– and which, despite being terribly late, would have been peeking out from inside this linen pouch.

The long story (hopefully) somewhat shortened, is that buying a house, tiling a floor, and living out of a single room while your hardwoods are refinished is infinitely worse than the chaos of simply moving, as we were last year around that time. In addition to (mostly) not being handmade, this year’s present would be late. I spent a little time looking for the best pair of wooden glasses that could be filled with prescription lenses and that weren’t $500. Before ordering the pair I settled on, I fired off an email with a couple of questions, and waited. And waited. After a week and no response, I ignored the obvious foreshadowing and ordered anyway. Five weeks and a paypal dispute later, I don’t have the present I planned to give, but at least I got a refund.

Traditionally, anniversary number four calls for a linen gift. This little pouch was a challenge to make, but mostly because nearly all of my craft and sewing supplies were still boxed up in the garage. Once I scrounged up the bare essentials, I spent a day on it: the glasses were applied with a little silkscreen ink and a freezer-paper stencil, the drawstring is a scrap of red yarn from my stash, and the lining is some silky bamboo jersey– soft and scratch-free for whatever lenses are inside. It won’t contain any wooden glasses, but it’ll work just fine for his pair of back-ups.

jersey interiorWhile I feel pretty guilty about not giving my amazing husband an equally amazing (and timely) gift, I’m a little comforted by the fact that I already have an idea for next year, and I think it will be fantastic. Hopefully it’ll be worthy of the man I’m lucky enough to be married to.

For past anniversaries, click: one, two, or three.

I’ll have more to show you soon.

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