3 years

By some miracle, and with the help of our amazing friends, we moved everything we own and a cat 1,080 miles in 21 hours. Our new home is in a charming, quiet neighborhood, and while we don’t miss the partying bros and the bar across the street from our old place, we do miss the kitchen’s green walls.

sx-70Our anniversary was a few days ago, and the traditional year three present is leather. I knew with weeks of packing and unpacking on the schedule that I’d have to end my two year handmade present streak, so a few weeks ahead of time, I scoped out the prettiest sx-70 I could find. It came in the original packaging and its leather panels were absolutely flawless. Anniversary present success!

polaroidI’ve gotten three years with the boy I love, and I can’t wait to find out what the coming years bring.

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