christmas gift bags

christmas gift bagAlthough I do some kind of gift basket every year, I haven’t always done a great job documenting the contents. I’m usually scrambling to finish making components and end up sending them out the door before I can even snap a photo. This year, bad time management paid off, and by the time I was done putting everything together, a lot of the recipients had left town. Most everybody is getting New Year’s treats this time around, but that means I had time to break out the camera.

This year’s gift bags include:

Raspberry and blackberry jam
-Mushroom salt (a blend of dehydrated wild mushrooms, coarse grey sea salt, thyme, and pink peppercorns)
Spicy brown ale mustard
-English toffee (adapted from this recipe)
Pretzel fudge
Sea salt caramels
-Beef and pork summer sausage (Nick’s contribution)
-Apple butter (recipe from this cookbook)
-A mediocre attempt at Sriracha (I won’t share the recipe, because it’s not even close)
-Homemade soaps (more on this later)

Because I am a crazy person, I’d actually planned on doing more than this, but came to my senses when I looked at a calendar. The rainbow of macarons has been re-slated for next year’s gift bags. Something went totally awry when I calculated how much mustard I’d need to make, and I ended up with an insane amount. If you want some mustard, let me know! I will never eat it all and I need the fridge space. In the meantime, I am putting mustard on everything.

Other news:
-If you were wondering what the most beautiful mug in the world looks like, look no further (thanks, mom and nan)!
-Finally my love of NPR and true crime is combined into one awesome podcast.
-I have seen a lot of excellent movies lately, but this is a recent favorite.

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3 Responses to christmas gift bags

  1. Emily W says:

    Jessica! I love the soap and jam! You are so sweet. Please call me when you get this. I have a new phone and lost all your contact information. Love you friend.

  2. Miss Mallory Sczesny says:

    The itty bitty bear hat was a HUGE hit with my sister-in-law. The soap was just the perfect add on for moi. The attention and detail you give to everything you create is absolute perfection. I’m so thankful that we’ve crossed paths and that you let me enjoy your makings.

  3. Jessica says:

    thank you, dears!

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