autumn macarons

mac stackWe went out of town last weekend, and when we got back our thermostat read sixty-three degrees. I put on some flannel pajamas and a thick pair of socks, and I made myself a cup of tea.

Having spent my last three autumns in a place where all four seasons are fully represented, I prepared myself to expect a slow transition from Texas summer to fall. While it’s not scarf weather yet, I think I can safely say we’ve passed the choking heat of summer, and sooner than I expected.

In honor of cooler temperatures (and the approach of Nick’s favorite holiday), I baked a few batches of macarons. The vanilla bean cookies were made to contain the last bit of leftover frosting from this project. The chocolate and pumpkin show off some Halloween colors (although a recent bite of black sesame gelato has me thinking of ways to make that into a macaron, and it’d be perfect for Halloween, too). I filled the chocolate macarons with a whipped ganache, and the pumpkin ones with a spiced mascarpone filling, so each bite is like a little taste of pumpkin pie. I might sneak a few more from the fridge right now…

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