faux billy balls

faux billy balls
My little sister and her friends recently moved into a house in my old neighborhood in Houston. In lieu of a houseplant, I sent her some felt craspedia, otherwise known as billy balls. I was planning on writing up a tutorial on how I made them, but somebody already beat me to it. In addition to wet-felting, I went back with a felting needle to give them a little extra texture. And instead of floral wire, each is glued to the top of a long, thin stick. I also kept mine a little larger, for a more dramatic look.

She also got the milk glass vase and a batch of rosemary shortbread, because it’s crazy good and it travels well. I love sending packages.

Other news:
– I’ve become increasingly obsessed with cake decorating techniques. More on that later.
– I’m planning my thanksgiving dessert contribution with the help of this.
– I spent more time watching this yesterday than I should probably admit.

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