chocolate rose cake

rose cakeThis cake was for my mom-in-law’s birthday. We knew we wouldn’t be in town the day of, so we carted it the five hours from our house when we visited for Thanksgiving. It turns out five hours is exactly how long a buttercream frosting can hold up under the weight of several chocolate roses, because not a minute after we arrived, it started to fall apart. Next time, the cake’s going in the cooler.

My mom-in-law is a lady of simple tastes, so I went with the same flavors I used for the last cake. I made each rose out of modeling chocolate (also known as candy clay) and dusted the edges of the pink petals with an edible “pearl dust“. The modeling chocolate was really easy to work with, and very hard not to snack on. I found this tutorial pretty helpful, but I mostly just referred to pictures of actual roses. While every rose turned out pretty good, in hindsight I wish I’d planned their final arrangement a little more as I constructed them. I ended up sticking them to the cake with a glob of buttercream, and it looked a little weird from a few angles.

Luckily, the cake itself was really tasty, and I’m pretty sure everybody forgave me for its slight collapse and improvised rose placement. I hope it was worthy of my wonderful mom-in-law, who is one of the most loving, generous, and fiercely loyal people I know. Happy birthday, mom!

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