cucumber mint water

We got a few cucumbers in our csa a while back, and I knew it would be a challenge to use them all up. I like the flavor of cucumbers, but something about the texture is off-putting to me (I feel the same way about melons, sadly). They are delightful in pickle form, but with no less than three batches in our fridge right now (occupying more than a few jars), I decided against taking up more precious real estate. Two were used up in a huge and delicious batch of tzatziki, but with our greek food craving completely satiated, I had to come up with a use for the last remaining cucumber. Enter, cucumber mint water:

cucumber and mintI like plain water just fine, but it’s nice to jazz it up every now and then. In a medium-sized carafe, I muddled six or seven mint leaves, and added several slices of cucumber. I used a zester to score the side of the cucumber for extra fanciness, but of course, this is optional. You could also add slices of whatever fruit strikes your fancy– I think I’ll put a few lime slices in the next batch. The mint flavor will intensify a bit after about an hour, so make this ahead of time if you’re serving it to company. It’s not required that you drink it with your pinky out, but it’s fancy enough that you could.

cucumber mint water

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